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August 17, 2020

The Parenting Cipher Podcast Trailer is Here!

It’s finally here! I’ve been working on creating a community that will speak to our black experiences as parents of children with special needs. While providing access to people in advocacy, special education, therapy, and more.

The Parenting Cipher is dedicated to empowering Parents of Color raising special needs kids by demystifying the education system, therapeutic programs, and advocating for the rights of our children. We offer parenting, advocacy, healthy living, and entrepreneur tips to parents who want to uplevel their children’s experience.

The Parenting Cipher Podcast

Episode 000 - Trailer


“What’s good, everyone? I’m Genie Dawkins the Parent confident strategist and I help parents become confident in navigating their child’s disabilities so they can make progress and the entire family can thrive. 

I have an upcoming podcast called the Parenting Cipher for people of color with children who have a disability (special needs kids) or what I’ve started to call superpower. Accentuating the difference in a positive light. In the Parenting Cipher we talk about topics that keep us from showing up confidently when navigating our child’s diagnosis. Such as special education, parenting, black experience, and topics that will help to create a Wholistic family experience so everyone’s needs are being met. 

This show is for you if your child is not making progress in school and you know that *ish is not right. You are feeling overwhelmed and alone. You have a bunch of moving parts and you need a break. You need a virtual hug and some positivity in your life. The Cipher provides 360 degrees of love, knowledge, and understanding.”

The Parenting Cipher Logo

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