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"The Parenting Cipher" podcast, a platform for parents navigating the complex journey of raising children with special needs. Here, we gather like a Hip-Hop Cipher, sharing diverse experiences and insights to challenge the status quo and empower one another.

Our episodes focus on educational advocacy, understanding diagnoses, and promoting self-care, while acknowledging the unique cultural challenges faced by families. Join us as we create a supportive community, equipping parents to confidently advocate for their children's education and well-being.


Purple Stroke | The Parenting Cipher
May 21, 2024
Navigating Teen Tech: Turning 13 & Online Responsibility

Hey there, Parenting Cipher listeners! I'm your host, Genie Dawkins, and today's episode is a special one as we delve into a significant milestone: the 13th birthday. Join me and my son, Zavier, as we navigate the pivotal moment when he gains full control over his Google account—an event marked by a simple email but […]

May 15, 2024
Boost Kids Self-Esteem with Dr.Simone Alicia

Welcome to another empowering episode of "The Parenting Cipher," where we dive into the crucial world of self-esteem and social-emotional learning with our guest, Dr. Simone Alicia, a renowned self-esteem coach and the founder of a distinctive self-esteem academy. Today, we will explore the transformative role of positive self-talk, the importance of modeling healthy behaviors […]

May 8, 2024
Fighting for Your Child’s Right to Assistive Technology

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Parenting Cipher with your host, Genie Dawkins. Today, we dive into a critical yet often overlooked aspect of education: the accessibility of assistive technology in inner-city public schools for students with behavioral neurological diagnoses like dyslexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder. We'll explore how budget constraints limit these […]

May 1, 2024
Mindfulness Strategies with Josephine Atluri

Are you finding it hard to stay calm and present during the hectic everyday life of parenting? In this episode of The Parenting Cipher, Josephine Atluri sheds light on how mindfulness can transform your parenting journey. Sit back and join hosts Genie Dawkins and Josephine Atluri as they dive deep into embracing mindfulness amidst the […]

April 23, 2024
Understanding Assistive Technology for Your Child's Academic Success

Are you feeling overwhelmed about understanding how assistive technology can support your child’s learning? In this episode of The Parenting Cipher, Genie Dawkins clarifies the often misunderstood world of assistive technology, sharing her own experiences and insights to shed light on how this resource can be tapped to unlock your child's full academic potential. In […]

April 16, 2024
Autism Spectrum: Understanding, Acceptance, and Early Intervention

In This Episode: Join us with your host, Genie Dawkins, as she gets candid about the journey of parenting children on the autism spectrum. Through her own personal experiences and the insights she's gained along the way, Genie aims to demystify autism, highlight the importance of early intervention, and emphasize the need for a supportive […]

April 16, 2024
Then Art of Peaceful Parenting with Kiva Schuler and Genie Dawkins

In an enlightening conversation, Kiva Schuler and Genie Dawkins delve deep into the tenets of peaceful parenting, reflecting on the pivotal role of trust, the detrimental impacts of shame, and the power of patience and empathy in the parent-child dynamic. They share personal stories, one being Genie's heartening tale of her son with autism and […]

December 25, 2021
[EP.303] Luchini: Quick Tips to Empower Yourself When Dealing with Social Workers the World of Discipline

In this episode host, Genie Dawkins, and Kim Poetivin discuss how to deal with social workers and how the word “non-compliant” affects your child’s ability to make progress in school. Kim provides insight into how to interact with social workers and members of your child’s IEP team to protect your child from being targeted as a problem child

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