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Our vision is to create an inclusive and empowering environment through The Parenting Cipher, where Families of Color can effectively navigate the intersections of school, medical care, and home life.

We strive to empower parents, equipping them with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to ensure that their children receive the education they need to be able to thrive.

By fostering a strong sense of community and providing culturally responsive guidance, we envision a future where all children, regardless of their background, have equal opportunities to thrive academically and reach their highest potential.


Our mission is to empower Families of Color to embrace their children's uniqueness and become knowledgeable advocates for their children's educational experiences. We believe that by utilizing parent-centered and culturally responsive methods, we can help families achieve the greatest possible results for their children's future success.

Our organization is committed to supporting and uplifting families as they navigate the educational system, ensuring that their voices are heard and their children's needs are met.

Together, we strive to create a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape for all children, where every child has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

Our Impact

The award-winning Parenting Cipher Podcast has had a profound impact on families across the globe, offering a wealth of invaluable insights and practical advice to parents navigating the complex journey of raising children. With its thoughtful discussions and expert guests, the podcast has become a trusted resource, empowering parents to make informed decisions and fostering positive change in their parenting approaches.
Cited as "Top 15 Best Single Mom Podcast" by Feedspot.
One of the most significant impacts of the Parenting Cipher Podcast is the strengthening of parent-child relationships. Through its engaging episodes, the podcast encourages parents to develop deeper connections with their children, emphasizing the importance of active listening, empathy, and effective communication. By implementing these strategies, parents have reported improved understanding and harmony within their families, leading to greater emotional well-being for both parents and children.

We have been awarded the 4.0 Essential fellowship where we held several events for parents to increase their high school advocacy skills so their children will graduate with a high school diploma instead of a certificate.
The Parenting Cipher Podcast has made a lasting impact on parents and families worldwide. By providing valuable insights, fostering strong relationships, promoting inclusivity, and offering practical guidance, the podcast has helped shape a generation of conscious and empowered parents, ultimately creating a positive ripple effect that extends beyond individual families and into the wider society.

Meet the Host and Creator

My name is Lateefa "Genie" Dawkins, MBA and like you—I’m a mom who wears many hats. As a mother of three children with behavioral and learning differences, best-selling author, parent advocate, integrative health coach, CEO of The Parenting Cipher organization and host of the The Parenting Cipher Podcast.
Shortly after getting my daughter's diagnosis I fell into a spiral of urgency. I had placed her in a top tier private school and after years of her losing her confidence and struggling in school she was told she would not be offered a scholarship for the upcoming year. My daughter has ADHD and she couldn't understand why she was not being given a scholarship to attend high school the next school year when her peers had the same diagnosis. With a heavy heart I had to explain to her that we did not have the privilege that her friends had. What’s the privilege? Being tested early and being part of a community that were sharing the best resources to support their children. In the public school setting children are placed in special education when they are failing while in a private school setting children are tested early and provided with quality resources so they will not fall behind their peers while getting the support they need to thrive.
When I was dealing with my daughter I was barely getting by, and by the time my boys started showing the same signs I was not letting the school administration brush me off and wait. I advocated for them to be tested early and connected with top tier outside providers so my oldest son who was 2 years behind when he was diagnosed was able to catch up within a year.

In my quest for information, I realized that we are at a disadvantage because there are quality programs and services that we are not aware of because each of us are advocating for our children alone. We are powerful when we share resources.

I’ve become dedicated to providing resources to parents who want the best for their child and are asking all of the right questions, yet no one provides clear and strategic answers.

Peace and Blessings, I hope that you know that you are an awesome parent and you are not alone. Always remember that quality education and that black excellence will come more easily if we act together.
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