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July 3, 2024

How to Keep Kids Engaged and Happy: Top Summer Routine Tips


Wondering How to Maintain a Summer Routine While Keeping Your Sanity?

In this episode, we'll explore the importance of taking intentional breaks, delegating responsibilities, and recharging through self-care. I'll share practical advice on managing common summer challenges such as sleep disruption, behavior management, and sensory overload.

We'll discuss how positive reinforcement, engaging children in planning, and utilizing quiet times can help maintain a smooth summer schedule. Plus, I'll be answering your listener questions on keeping kids engaged without screens, tackling resistance to routines, and balancing work with family life. We'll also cover creative project ideas, educational outings, and the benefits of visual planners. So grab your planner and join us as we unlock strategies to make this summer a memorable and stress-free time for your family!

Episode Summary:

Join Genie Dawkins in this insightful episode as she delves into strategies for creating effective summer routines for children, especially those with special needs. Genie emphasizes the importance of self-care for parents, planning intentional breaks, and involving children in daily activities. She answers listener questions about balancing routines, addressing behavior challenges, and engaging children without screens. Genie rounds off by offering supportive resources through the Parenting Cipher platform and reminding parents that striving for the best is more important than seeking perfection.

Key Takeaways:

- Importance of taking breaks and delegating responsibilities

- Tips for maintaining consistent schedules, including bedtimes and snack times

- Utilizing digital tools like Google Maps to plan personal breaks

- Addressing challenges like sleep disruptions, behavior management, and sensory overload

- Use of visual tools like planners or whiteboards to keep track of schedules

- Engaging children in planning and setting goals

- Ideas for fun and educational outdoor activities and reading routines

- Encouragement to seek support from therapists, specialists, and community groups

- Self-care strategies such as networking and trying new activities

Timestamps Overview

00:00 Summer routines bring structure and reduce anxiety.
05:47 Children with sensory disorder benefit from choice.
06:52 Apps assist dyslexic readers, promote quiet time.
10:29 Flexibility and consistency in summer scheduling.
14:29 Use color-coded activities on physical or digital planners.
18:55 Discover hiking, reading, and outdoor adventures.
20:20 Using cassettes to read improved comprehension.
25:37 Educational outings to museums and zoos suggested.
28:03 Network, prioritize, delegate for better time management.
30:13 Delegate tasks, take breaks, utilize free time.
35:11 Creating safe, sensory-friendly spaces for children.
38:05 Get kids engaged without screens, prioritize activities.
40:58 Tips for summer routine and family time.

Links and Resources:


- "Striving to do the best rather than seeking perfection is key to a happy, balanced summer." - Genie Dawkins

- "Planning intentional breaks is crucial. Use Google Maps to find a nearby café or bookstore and recharge." - Genie Dawkins

- "Involving children in planning goals and routines makes them feel valued and engaged." - Genie Dawkins

Short Biography for Speaker:

Genie Dawkins is the compassionate and insightful host of The Parenting Cipher. As a dedicated parent and advocate, Genie offers practical advice and resources to help families navigate the complexities of parenting special needs children. With her relatable anecdotes and professional tips, Genie empowers parents to create harmonious, structured, and engaging environments for their children.

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