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February 28, 2017

How To Get Kids Talking At The Dinner Table?

What is your family dinner type like? Is everyone either watching TV or on their cellphones? Does this sound familiar? My mom turns on the TV and the boys watch TV while their eating and my brother will sit down and try to engage them in conversation to see how their days went. They don't answer him or give him half answers. Why? Because their watching TV!! Let's be clear we all can agree screen time consumes us all and guess what were missing out on? Bonding and getting to know our children! Here are few benefits of family conversation:

  • Develops stronger bonds between family members that increases children's self-confidence.

  • Develops children social skills that increases insight, empathy, and acceptance.

  • Develops children problem solving, analytical skills, and negotiation skills. improving your child's overall academic performance

I am one to honestly say that I turn the TV off and I find starting a conversation with my 9 and 5 yr. old outside of how is your day kind of awkward. Today we discovered table topics !!  A game that provides cards with random questions on them to initiate conversation. I discovered some awesome things about my boys and we had fun! I suggest either buying the cards or check out the samples and make your own. Hey have the kids chime in!  Commit to having at least 15 minutes screen free dinner time 3 times a week. Have fun!  Bask in your FAMILY!!

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