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October 21, 2019

How Powerful IEP Meetings can be?

Yesterday Zavier runs down the stairs saying “ Mommy I need help spelling a word. I can spell short words but long ones are a little hard for me. Can you help me?”

I’m so happy! Because he has stopped saying “ I can’t read! I can’t spell!” Instead he’s confident in his skills and asks for support.

Zavier attends Katherine Thomas School which is a special education centered school. Last year the IEP team held progress meetings with the entire team quarterly or as needed. This year they decided to do something different and I meet with each member on his team every month by teleconference or email to discuss his progress.

A small child being picked up by her mother laughing and a little boy smiling while his mother taps his nose. Caption: My biggest challenge as a mom! Let all you do for your child be done in love.

I love this !

One of the parenting anxiety issues I deal with is when I had my older children I was a micro-manager when it came to their academics. Which ended up taking away their executive function abilities. With my youngest two children having autism I’m really careful with crossing the line since they work so hard all day.

However, meeting with the IEP team helps me identify how and what exactly he need support with. It’s great to hear from different perspectives about his wins and how I can help him, without exhausting him.

Effective communication with your child’s IEP team increases their success.

One of Zavier’s challenges since he has Dyslexia and Autism Spectrum disorder has been learning and memorizing his letters so he can start spelling. He will learn them and then he’ll have days where he starts to have challenges around certain ones. He started off the year with knowing 23 out of 26 consistently and know he’s having issues with the letters that can be reversed. The team provided me with a website to use at home and we agreed that it would be a great idea to have him isolate the letters he’s having issues with during our reading time.

Consistent conversation with your child’s IEP team is key to their success. If you are not talking to your child’s IEP team members or getting monthly updates on their progress then how can you support your child? If you want some ideas of how to do this drop a comment below.

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