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October 23, 2019

How Special Children Plans for a Fun Halloween?

As I’m typing away at my computer Zavier runs into the room with his trusty IPAD.

“ Mommy I want to be Boruto this Halloween, Naruto on the 2nd Halloween, Deadpool on the 3rd one, My Hero Academia for the 4th one and ….for the fifth one I’m going to be a Ninja. Ok?” After I tell him “Ok!” he runs back up the stairs.

Concepts Are Easy To Understand When a Child Can Relate

What’s significant about this conversation is that Zavier struggles with the concept of tomorrow, next week, and next month. Yet, he’s making five year Halloween Plans. WOW!


On a personal note I told myself I would do a better job with getting the costume early and I haven’t . Boruto costumes are selling quickly. I have to find him one because his look of disappointment and lost is too much for me. I can just image his “WHY?” face.

What are your kids planning to wear for Halloween this year?

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