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November 16, 2021

[Episode 304]Wild Wild West: Steps to Take When Your Child Is Being Stereotyped

Have you been in an IEP meeting and you are questioning the school and someone on the team throws out the sentence” Your child has had several discipline incidents.? In this episode, Genie Dawkins talks about how she handled the situation when she realized that the school was keeping a log of her son’s behaviors and did not give her a copy. She takes you on the journey of how schools use your child's behavior as a way to keep you from questioning them and how to empower yourself and protect your child.

Genie Dawkins

Host of The Parenting Cipher, Genie Dawkins is a single mother of four and has over 25 years of being a parent advocate of special needs children. In addition to obtaining her Certification in Integrative Health Coaching, Lateefa holds an M.S. in Nonprofit Management and a B.S. in Social Sciences. Genie is the best-selling author of two books “Not My Child: Navigating Your Child’s Learning Difficulties with IEP’s and Education Resources” and a recent release “The Joyful Family Planner”. As a Special Education & Family Lifestyle consultant, her mission is to help parents achieve a balanced life and overcome inevitable challenges both at school and home in a way that empowers parents and children.


Steps to take when you feel as though your child is being targeted as a discipline problem

  • How to work through your feelings and fears when you feel that your child is being targeted

  • Why do Black parents feel pressure to discipline their children when the school starts to question their children's behavior


Does your state have a history of using discipline as a tool to deal with kids who have a behavioral or neurological diagnosis? To find out check out the Childs Trend Report.

To hear more of how school systems use discipline as a way to take the pressure off of themselves when they are not providing services that help your child make progress check out Episode 301 Luchini: Quick tip to empower yourself when dealing with social workers the World of Discipline.

One of the key tools to advocate for your child is having an Individual Education Plan (IEP) Binder. Get your Checklist of what should be in your binder here!

Wild, Wild West

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