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March 5, 2021

[EP202] Optimistic: Amazing Diverse Learning Programs Will Change Your Child's World


Thanks to COVID-19, kids are spending more time than ever on-screen. Computers, iPads, and phones are how they are spending most of their time these days. But it isn't all bad. Guest Anthony Frasier tells us how he's helping to bring about a positive change with technology while encouraging your child’s positive self-image. 

Akili and Me

Anthony Frasier is bringing Akili and Me, along with African folktales, to the ABF podcast. This move is important because, as he points out, it is more common to see animals talking than to see a black child talking in a cartoon. But Akili and Me portrays a strong black lead character instead of a token supporting character. 

Akili and Me is an entertainment channel based out of Tanzania. It has helped children as a virtual school. They don't just help with English and math but work on social, emotional skills, and they teach reading and language. You can even learn a bit of Swahili! It's an amazing resource. 

The search term "learning at home" is going through the roof, and having available resources right now is really important to black families. That's what makes Akili and Me so important. Having the audio version opens up that resource to so many other families. There are two shows a week, so be sure to check them out. 

African Folktales & Self-Esteem

Anthony Frasier also talks about his company ABF Creative, producing African Folktales. He points out that while folktales are great for all generations, they're especially beneficial for children, how kids need to see themselves in a story, how it gives them a sense of identity beyond what they see on social media and tv.  

In Frasier's book, Don't Dumb Down My Greatness, he wrote about how children need to recognize themselves in something or somebody great because when they do, they perform better in school, at work, and in life in general. 

Anthony states “We need children to see this about themselves. To see that self-development is business development. So they aren't just working to be the hip-hop rappers and football players. They're working to own the companies. We need to be a one hundred million dollar company. Need to be just that big. And we need to be just that black.” 

Wrapping It Up

So it starts with baby steps. To get to the end of a journey, to the CEO of a boardroom or owner of a multi-million dollar company, it starts at the beginning. And that beginning starts with a seed. So instead of turning on the tv and falling down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos or getting wrapped up in endless hours of video games, plug in the Akili and Me podcast. Nurture that seed and see where it grows.


In this episode of The Parenting Cipher, our host Genie Dawkins speaks with Anthony Frasier, the CEO of ABF Creative, to talk about all things “edutainment” and how finding the right media can have positive holistic benefits for your child. If you’ve ever worried about too much mindless “screen time,” hear about some solutions in this episode of The Parenting Cipher

Genie Dawkins

Host of The Parenting Cipher, Genie Dawkins is a single mother of four and has over 25 years of being a parent advocate of special needs children. In addition to obtaining her Certification in Integrative Health Coaching, Lateefa holds an M.S. in Non-Profit Management and a B.S. in Social Sciences. Genie is the best-selling author of two books “Not My Child: Navigating Your Child’s Learning Difficulties with IEP’s and Education Resources” and a recent release “The Joyful Family Planner”. As an educational advocacy specialist, her mission is to help parents achieve a balanced life and overcome inevitable challenges both at school and home in a way that empowers parents and children.

About our Guest:

Anthony Frasier is a Black entrepreneur for over 10 years in the tech industry. Frasier has been featured on CNN, BET, and more. These past two years, he’s been solely focused on building ABF Creative, which is a major multiethnic podcast network that bridges the gap between culture and media, with a mission to impact 100 million people of color through audio. Frasier is publishing a new podcast out of Tanzania currently on Youtube called Akili and Me along with ABF original African Folktales.


Insight from this episode:

  • Details on the effectiveness of edutainment programs and what the Akili and Me podcast is all about.

  • How a podcast can help increase your child’s sense of self-identity and self-love. 

  • Strategies on overcoming the struggle of discoverability and visibility of Black media.

  • Benefits of representation of people of color in our media and where you can find it. 

Resources Mentioned

Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness

Akili and Me Youtube Channel


To follow and connect with Anthony 

Website: Anthony Fraiser and ABF Creative

Twitter: @AnthonyFrasier and @ABFCreative

Facebook: @AntFrasier 

Instagram: @AnthonyFrasier

LinkedIn: Anthony Frasier

To listen to Anthony’s favorite song click on the playlist below

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