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June 10, 2021

Easy Everyday Health Strategies for the Family

Every parent hopes for a healthy family. But the thought of finding time to make sure that every family member maintains a healthy lifestyle can feel overwhelming. Because of this, many families don’t know where to start, and they fail to actualize health and well-being as they would like to. Fortunately, healthy living doesn’t have to be extravagant or inconvenient. Genie Dawkins exists to help parents navigate various challenges and lead thriving families. That’s why we’ve listed a few simple health strategies that your family can work into your daily lives:


Switch Jobs

Jobs are a common source of stress for households. If your workload is overwhelming, you’re having trouble finding a work-life balance, or you’re simply unfulfilled in your career, consider making a change. You might be surprised by how much a new career can benefit your mental health.

These days, going back to school is more practical than ever. You can study almost any field or industry online, and you can complete programs at your own pace, which allows you to fit your studies into your life however you need. Whether you pursue a master’s degree in education or a bachelor’s degree in business management, you can begin a new chapter while improving your living environment.


Plan Activities

Spending time together as a family is crucial when you’re trying to maintain a healthy household. Doing healthy activities together is even better. Plan a weekend trip to the mountains for hiking or rafting, or go to the beach for surfing or bike riding. Try to work in 30 minutes each weekday to go to the park or walk around the neighborhood. Just try to get time together that can benefit everyone involved.


Prioritize Nutrition And Sleep 

Diet and sleep are essential for healthy living. Be conscious of the foods you keep around the house. Research nutritious meal recipes that you can make at home, and always have healthy snacks that your family can easily access.

Also, make sure everyone in your household is getting good sleep. Maintain consistent nighttime routines for young children, and encourage older children to go to bed at a decent hour. This might involve limiting screen time at night, which can do wonders for improving sleep habits.


Set Goals  

Setting goals as a family is an excellent way to help everyone feel included. It can also teach children how to be accountable for their choices. Think of any changes you want to make in your household, and hold a family meeting to develop realistic goals that will help you achieve health and wellness.

For example, you could browse meal ideas online and prep them together on the weekend. You could make it a goal to replace TV time with reading before bed. Or, you can create a challenge to communicate better with one another. There are countless ways to set realistic, productive goals together.


Encourage One Another  

Along with setting goals, be sure to create an environment of encouragement in your household. Goals will not always be easy to achieve, and it’s likely that each of you will drop the ball every now and then. Gently remind each other of your health and wellness goals, and use positive reinforcement for motivation (hello, ice cream!). Also, be the change you want to see in your family by serving as a good role model in your own life.

Healthy families are strong families, and you don’t have to be superhuman to lead a household that maintains healthy practices in everyday life. Along with adopting the habits above, keep researching other ways to promote overall health and well-being in your family. Then, you can rest easy knowing that you’re empowering your kids to live long and prosper.

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