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May 1, 2024

Mindfulness Strategies with Josephine Atluri

Are you finding it hard to stay calm and present during the hectic everyday life of parenting? In this episode of The Parenting Cipher, Josephine Atluri sheds light on how mindfulness can transform your parenting journey. Sit back and join hosts Genie Dawkins and Josephine Atluri as they dive deep into embracing mindfulness amidst the chaos of raising kids.

Episode Summary:

Josephine Atluri, a mom to seven children through international adoption, IVF, and surrogacy, shares how her challenging journey led her to embrace mindfulness and meditation. Both Genie and Josephine explore their initial skepticism towards these practices and discuss various accessible strategies for incorporating mindfulness into daily routines. This episode debunks common myths, highlights the simplicity of mindfulness practices, and provides actionable advice for integrating mindfulness moments throughout your day to foster a more grounded and calm parenting approach.

Key Takeaways:

- Mindfulness can be practiced in simple, scalable ways starting with even just one minute a day.

- It is natural for the mind to wander during mindfulness practices; the key is returning focus without judgment.

- Incorporating mindfulness into daily activities can greatly aid in handling stress and enhancing clarity and presence within family interactions.

- There are diverse ways to practice mindfulness, ensuring that there is something for everyone—there is no "one right way."

- Even moments of supposed failure, like falling asleep during meditation, are part of the journey toward more mindful living.



00:00 Author, mom of 7, mindfulness coach, new book.
03:37 Passionate about helping navigate parenthood challenges.
07:57 Increase awareness, including thoughts and interactions. Mindfulness advocated.
11:55 Facing emotions, confronting grief, healing through patience.
15:07 Practicing mindfulness helps focus and handle distractions.
18:46 Struggling with resistance, finding support through mindfulness.
21:17 Using Apple Watch to practice daily mindfulness.
26:33 Deep breathing helps in calming and mindfulness.
28:47 Josephine Sung helped with "Love Yours" song.


Links and Resources:

- 5 Minute Mindfulness for Parents - Check out Josephine Atluri’s book to explore easy and quick mindfulness exercises.

- Mindful.org - A useful resource for beginners and seasoned practitioners looking for tools to deepen their practice.

- Headspace - An app offering guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training.


- "Mindfulness is not about getting it right; it's about being aware of the present and learning from it," - Josephine Atluri.

- "The beauty of mindfulness is in its flexibility; it bends to fit into our lives uniquely," - Genie Dawkins.

About the Speakers:

Josephine Atluri's life journey beautifully encapsulates the essence of resilience and mindfulness. As a mother of seven—including three sets of twins—Josephine's path to parenthood was anything but conventional. Faced with challenges that required exploring alternative routes such as international adoption, IVF, and surrogacy, she and her husband sculpted a unique and loving family.

Amidst the whirlwind of raising a large family and overcoming personal hurdles, Josephine was drawn towards finding her inner calm. A friend's persistent recommendation led her to explore meditation, a practice that not only helped her center herself amid chaos but also transformed her life profoundly. This personal transformation sparked a passion that turned into a vocation.

Today, Josephine is not just a parent but also a revered mindfulness and meditation coach, and an author. Her latest book, "5 Minute Mindfulness for Pregnancy," reflects her commitment to supporting others on their journey to finding peace and presence in life's toughest moments. Through her work and her story, Josephine inspires many, embodying a beacon of support and resilience. You can listen to Josephine's Podcast Responding to Life on Apple and follow her on IG @josephineratluri

Genie Dawkins, co-host at The Parenting Cipher, is a passionate advocate for children’s rights and a vocal proponent for parental involvement in education and personal development. Through her work, she aims to empower parents with the tools needed to advocate effectively for their children.

Delve into this insightful discussion on "Embracing Mindfulness in Parenting" and discover how small, mindful moments can lead to significant changes in your parenting and personal well-being

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