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April 16, 2024

Then Art of Peaceful Parenting with Kiva Schuler and Genie Dawkins

In an enlightening conversation, Kiva Schuler and Genie Dawkins delve deep into the tenets of peaceful parenting, reflecting on the pivotal role of trust, the detrimental impacts of shame, and the power of patience and empathy in the parent-child dynamic. They share personal stories, one being Genie's heartening tale of her son with autism and anxiety, and discuss how recognizing a child's emotions and fostering self-advocacy shapes a healthier family relationship. From challenging the status quo to mindful discipline, this episode is a thought-provoking dialogue on breaking generational cycles and embracing the authenticity of parenting.

Key Takeaways:
1. Building Trust: Creating a safe environment where children feel comfortable coming to adults with their problems.
2. Avoiding Shame and Punishment: Recognizing that punitive measures can erode trust and lead to children hiding their issues.
3. Empathy and Understanding: The importance of listening to children's worries and validating their emotions without downplaying them.
4. Self-Patience and Growth: Encouraging parents to be patient with themselves and their children, acknowledging the journey of personal growth for both.
5. Cultural Consideration in Parenting Advice: Kiva Schuler's introspection on the authoritative voice in the parenting space.
6. Promotion of Children's Autonomy: Celebrating milestones that recognize growing independence in children.
7. Embracing Failure and Learning: Allowing children to face the natural consequences of their decisions as a fundamental learning process.
8. Legacy and Healing: Overcoming ancestral traumas and acknowledging inherited parenting styles that may be limiting.
9. Role of the Inner Child in Parenthood: Understanding and healing one's own childhood experiences to better serve as a parent.
10. Peaceful Parenting Defined: Understanding peaceful parenting as non-permissive, non-punitive, and rooted in connection and guidance.

Time Stamp:

00:00 Struggling with parental influences and personal challenges.
05:36 Raising kids requires personal growth and reflection.
08:07 Parental influence shapes children's inner narrative significantly.
10:16 Generational trauma affects DNA, study shows.
15:14 IEP meetings can be shaming for parents.
19:02 Teach them to run toward, not hide.
22:10 Challenging worst case scenario leads to relief.
23:18 Empathy and compassion for child's perspective.
26:56 Parenting, self-love and communication with teenagers.
29:34 Peaceful parenting is not permissive or coddling.
35:11 Conditioning children to be compliant is detrimental.
36:18 Children seek acceptance, love, and cooperation.
39:24 Create calendar, emphasize importance of grades.
42:39 Children drive their own destiny, need support.
46:58 Parents want the best for their kids.
49:08 Encourage kids to take risks and learn.
52:43 Requested cessation of unwanted interaction achieved.
55:57 Book written with love, empathy, and collaboration.
58:37 Book about life, parenting support, resources available.


Links and Resources:
- Jai Institute Parent Coaching
- The Peaceful Parenting Revolution, by Kiva Schuler
- Study on Generational Trauma]
- Self-Regulation Tools and Techniques (https://www.example.com/self-regulation-resources)

Powerful Quotes:
- "It's critical that we build an environment where our children run to us, not away from us when trouble arises." — Kiva Schuler
- "We must learn to sit with the discomfort of our children's failures, as it is through them that they will learn the most." — Genie Dawkins
- "Parenting is not about perfecting our children, it's about guiding them through the unique journey of becoming who they are meant to be." — Kiva Schuler
- "In parenting, we not only raise our children but also the child within us." — Genie Dawkins
- "Peaceful parenting is about leading with empathy, compassion, and the understanding that teaching trumps any form of coercion." — Kiva Schuler

Guest Bio - Kiva Schuler:
Kiva Schuler is a renowned author, parenting coach, and a passionate advocate for peaceful parenting. With years of experience in guiding parents through the tumultuous journey of raising children, Kiva has established herself as a leading voice in the field of family dynamics and child development.

Her impactful book, "The Peaceful Parenting Revolution," has not only resonated with parents around the world but has also sparked a movement towards more empathetic and connection-based child-rearing practices. Kiva's approach emphasizes the importance of understanding, patience, and non-punitive discipline, helping parents to nurture their children's growth in a supportive and loving environment.

Beyond her work as an author, Kiva is a sought-after speaker and facilitator, dedicating her life to empowering parents and caregivers. She believes deeply in the transformative power of healing generational traumas and fostering strong, trusting relationships between adults and children. Kiva's authenticity and dedication make her an inspiring role model for anyone looking to embark on a peaceful parenting path.

Contact: IG@kivaschuler

In "The Parenting Cipher," Kiva brings her wealth of knowledge and heartfelt insights to each episode, helping listeners navigate the complexities of parenthood while advocating for a world where every child feels heard, respected, and valued.

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