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"The Parenting Cipher" podcast, a platform for parents navigating the complex journey of raising children with special needs. Here, we gather like a Hip-Hop Cipher, sharing diverse experiences and insights to challenge the status quo and empower one another.

Our episodes focus on educational advocacy, understanding diagnoses, and promoting self-care, while acknowledging the unique cultural challenges faced by families. Join us as we create a supportive community, equipping parents to confidently advocate for their children's education and well-being.


Purple Stroke | The Parenting Cipher
October 10, 2020
[EP003] How Increasing Selfcare Will Help You To Become A Powerful Parent Advocate

In episode part 1 of 2 episodes with Lajoy Johnson-Law, parent advocate, and DC Board of Education Candidate, she talks about advocacy, self-care, and mental health. When you are a parent with special needs kids you can immerse yourself in your child’s care and unconsciously stop taking care of yourself.

August 21, 2020
[EP001] What’s The Parenting Cipher?

Genie Dawkins introduces you to The Parenting Cipher community by sharing her inspirations. Talking about her childhood in Washington, introduction to Hip Hop, and why the Parenting Cipher is part of a revolution.

August 21, 2020
[EP002] 4 Ways To Know How Increase Your Child's Academic Success In School

In this episode, Gahmya and I talk about how to tell if your child’s school is using a curriculum that helps your child to make progress in school. And ways to stop policing ourselves when talking about racism with our children while giving them the language and concepts that will help them advocate for themselves.

August 17, 2020
The Parenting Cipher Podcast Trailer is Here!

It’s finally here! The Parenting Cipher is dedicated to empowering Parents of Color raising special needs kids by demystifying the education system, therapeutic programs, and advocating for the rights of our children. We offer parenting, advocacy, healthy living, and entrepreneur tips to parents who want to uplevel their children’s experience.

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