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May 15, 2024

Boost Kids Self-Esteem with Dr.Simone Alicia

Welcome to another empowering episode of "The Parenting Cipher," where we dive into the crucial world of self-esteem and social-emotional learning with our guest, Dr. Simone Alicia, a renowned self-esteem coach and the founder of a distinctive self-esteem academy.

Today, we will explore the transformative role of positive self-talk, the importance of modeling healthy behaviors for our children, and how social-emotional learning is pivotal in all aspects of education, especially post-pandemic.

Dr. Alicia will share innovative strategies for integrating positive mindset practices into daily life, making them as routine as brushing our teeth but as impactful as shaping futures. As we unpack the powerful connection between self-esteem and success, we'll also discuss the different ways children learn and how Dr. Simone's academy tailors content to foster respect for neurodiversity in learning.

From the influence of self-esteem on children's anxiety to the critical role of flexibility as a life skill, this session is packed with insights and practical advice. Whether you're interested in the academy's virtual resources or seeking ways to boost your child's confidence through affirmations and gratitude games, this episode will provide a wealth of knowledge to help you and your children lead a more empowered life. Join us as we decipher the complex language of parenting, self-esteem, and child development with an expert in the field, Dr. Simone Alicia.

Key Takeaways:

- Importance of modeling positive self-talk and behavior to reinforce good self-esteem in children.

- Role of social-emotional learning in children's development and how parents can integrate practices into their daily routines.

- Dr. Simone Alicia’s insights into using affirmation and gratitude games to engage and teach children about their self-worth.

- The impact of self-esteem on children's critical thinking skills and confidence.

- The importance of understanding and adapting to different learning styles to support children with special educational needs.


1:49 Negative thoughts have a chemical impact.

18:37 Prepare for ongoing education and self-improvement.

25:05 Confidence and self esteem are interconnected forces.

26:56 Build genuine self-esteem, confidence, self-assurance. Follow inner guidance.

35:52 Story emphasizes importance of self-assuredness and calm.

41:28 Studied neuro linguistic programming for behavioral change.

43:12 Nurturing self-awareness and positivity in youth.

53:16 Seeking solutions when feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities.

58:26 Empower yourself through academy for teaching advantage.

01:07:00 Incorporate activities into your daily routine for balance.

Link and Resources:

- Dr. Simone Alicia's Self-Esteem Academy: https://www.theselfesteemdoctoracademy.com/

- The Self-Esteem Doctor: https://www.theselfesteemdoctor.com/


- "Self-esteem is more than feeling good about oneself; it is about having the resilience to tackle challenges and the confidence to explore new opportunities." — Dr. Simone Alicia

- "Every interaction with your child is an opportunity to build their self-esteem." — Genie Dawkins

About the Speakers:

- Genie Dawkins is a passionate advocate for children's education and parenting strategies. She hosts "The Parenting Cipher" to provide parents with resources and insights for handling various parenting challenges. Genie combines her personal experiences with expert advice to foster a supportive community for parents navigating the educational system.

- Dr. Simone Alicia is a self-esteem coach and the enthusiastic founder of a self-esteem academy designed to empower children and parents. With a background in educational psychology and a heartfelt dedication to fostering healthy self-esteem, Dr. Alicia’s approach involves engaging, tailor-made content and practical strategies for everyday parenting. Connect with Dr.Simone on IG @drsimonealicia

Tune in to this episode for an invaluable conversation that could change the way you support your child’s growth and self-esteem. Whether at home, school, or in the community, learn how to be the role model your child needs for developing genuine confidence and self-worth.

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